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samedi 12 septembre 2015

How to get free phone credit to all States (up to $ 70)

Howdy visitors Super Nike, one of us doesn't have sometimes to make some necessary phone calls? However, it may not be around on my balance. Today I will give you a way to get credit up to $ 70. For free

1_ First, it must be available on the phone (SIM) card, preferably German, which can be obtained from the Internet. They just plain look out over the Internet after it Arise change IP and preferably also to be Germany.

2_after that. Jump to the subsequent stage: Download application that may use it Wasabee (Download Link).

After the download and open the application to activate the slide that we have reached, and then go to (Earn Free Credits)

Then you get a set of applications that take points on the load. For me I have found a show which is 16000 points to download one of the applications after conversion got a balance of $ 70 and then found some applications that provide you with about two thousand points.

After that collect a good number of points go to the converted balanceEnter the state and the company then distributed phone number

After converted all you have to wait some time to be processed your request


Inside the latter, I hope which the application may always be obtained like it Keep in mind that this topic publish this great article with your friends on Facebook
Keep in mind that the application submitted offers, which expire and then carries a certain amount of people you enter the application frequently.

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