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samedi 10 octobre 2015

How do you get Amazon gift card $ 10 free

Oneclass site of the best sites to get free cards for a number of companies, is the most important gift cards for the company Amazon, where I will explain to you in this post how to get from Amazon gift card for $ 10 is free of charge.

The process is simple, where you have to collect some points to be able to get on the card by collecting 800 points, as the site immediately after the registration it gives you 120 points each time you invite a friend you get 50 points, which means that he must you send an invitation and accepted it from 14 person party. As for the recording mode will first Bulog oneclass site through the link below it, then you register using your Facebook Aa of the way pressure on the signup button and select Date through your Facebook.Then you will go to a page will ask you for your personal information

Now, after clicking on the Next button to go to another page of the many slogans for several cards, which will be required you to choose the gift card interested in, select at this stage Amazon card.
After finishing the account click on the icon in the top right you will find that you have gained 120 points, and in order to win more points click on the invite or by clicking here to access the page quickly your invitations. When you arrive to the number of points allowed then to enter a page Gifts Gift card or click here, were then click on reedeem will reach php card after 10 William. Thats all about it

Site: oneclass

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